Inn at Bay Harbor Housekeeper

Job Description


Responsibilities of this job include ensuring that guest rooms are clean, orderly, and attractive in all aspects, restocking supplies in guest rooms, and other duties as assigned. 


Heavy lifting is required, up to and including 50 pounds. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and be available to work weekends and holidays

This job requires a patient and stable work style and consistency in dealing with repetitive routine. A customer service, team-oriented focus is of utmost importance. The job requires attention to the details of work, handling then with better-than-average accuracy and with careful attention to the quality of the work. The focus is on working comfortably under close supervision within a stable, secure team. The pace of the job is steady and relatively unhurried, with an inclination to keep doing things the same way unless directed otherwise by a supervisor.. When the job requires work to be completed under time pressures or in changing situations, management will provide close support and encouragement.

All Inn at Bay Harbor employees recieve both BOYNE and Marriott discounts.


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